From designing kids toys to working as a set designer on TV commercials, Rana Ottaviani’s career spans many years and many channels. The Turkish-born designer used her experience in these varied mediums to create a debut womenswear collection that features modern, eclectic, and expertly crafted garments with European and Northwest influences—making her one to watch at this year’s Independent Designer Runway Show on September 23.
— Aoife Reilly, Seattle MET Shop Talk
 Photo by Ekrem Once

 Photo by Ekrem Once

“Turkish-born Rana Ottaviani, who lives in Seattle with her Italian husband and two young children, designed the Tatolino (Italian slang for “little potato”) of EVA foam for kids age one to 12 and beyond. Child after child in the Modern Family Zone pounced, sat, bounced and rode upon the versatile, three-pronged forgiving form. When flat, it can serve as a seat, table or the ultimate item for pre-walkers to pull up on; turned on its side it becomes a comfy, high-backed chair or striped horsey. Made for RO2 Design Studio in Seattle.”

— -Erika HEET, Dwell on Design - Modern Family Zone
   Photo by Peter Williams    


Photo byPeter Williams